Be At Ease Tote

Details: One-sided print 
Zippered closure to protect interior from sand
Inside zippered hanging pocket 
Material: 100% cotton canvas
Size: Length 15", Width 22", Depth 5"
Strap drop: 7.5" 
Strap length: 18"

Laura's Story-
I come from a beach-loving family. When I was 5, I thought the trek from the boardwalk to the water was a miles-long, hot desert that we had to cross to get to the oasis that is Wildwood, NJ. Over the years, I found the calm water just past the violent beach waves. I swim in until I can't feel the ground and I think, reflect, breathe. The salt water is healing. This design is dedicated to people's happy places. Where do you feel peace? May you find yourself there more often.